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A Practical Example of the Human Flourishing Approach

December 26, 2013


PART SIX (Conclusion)

As a city council member of his town in North Carolina, Summit instructor Dr. Terry Moffitt faced a growing number of sexually-oriented businesses in his community. He successfully took a stand not by giving rousing speeches against sin but by drafting legislation focused on protecting children and families.

The rigorous licensing provisions Moffitt drafted regulated everything from parking to the serving of alcohol to the protection of performers. Because community members saw how the regulations protected the vulnerable, they pushed sexually-oriented businesses to the margins of society and showed their “heroes of free expression” mantra for the fraud it really was. Most of these businesses shut down and those planning to open decided not to.

The cost was high for Moffitt and his family. He discovered that many of the sexually-oriented businesses were associated with organized crime. His “meddling” was met with serious death threats. The liberal media piled on with severely critical articles. But in the end, it was worth it. Moffitt says that the legislation he drafted has been adopted in more than 80 communities across the U.S., restoring honor and decency, protecting children and families, and reducing crime.

Asking “How does this policy affect human flourishing?” helps Christians display genuine concern for their communities and create space for biblical ideas that can bring much-needed transformation.

From Jeff Myers at Summit Ministries

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