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Want to Win the Culture? Focus on Human Flourishing

December 5, 2013

This is an article by Jeff Myers of Summit Ministries in Colorado. It makes a very interesting point that I want to lay out in a few separate parts. It’s worth the read.


The American Revolution has had a lasting, positive impact because its leaders focused not on angry vengeance (like in the French Revolution) but on freeing people from the barriers that prevented them from living out their full potential as image-bearers of God. They believed humans were made to create and unleash social, economic, and spiritual potential from which the entire world has benefited.

Whether America’s founders were Christians (and most were) is not as important as the fact that their view of humanity can be rationally derived only from a biblical worldview. While America’s founders failed to live up to their own expectations on issues like slavery, they set in motion a self-correcting system through which the young nation could grow in its recognition of human dignity.

The founders’ focus on human flourishing not only changed America, it changed the world. Many of the cultural battles of our day are being lost because Christians have lost sight of this focus. From a biblical view, “winning” isn’t about seizing the reins of power as much as it is creating such a robust vision of a flourishing society that human-crippling worldviews are revealed as the shriveling and anemic perspectives they are. In this article we’ll flesh out the concept of human flourishing and show how the biblical worldview alone genuinely secures it. We’ll also explore ways to apply thinking about human flourishing to the issues you face in your community. (Part two to follow soon!)

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