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Lesson learned – after the fact, of course

May 1, 2010

I was talking with our neighbor a while ago who was concerned about buckthorn trees growing between our houses and thought it best to clear it out as buckthorn is invasive and will eventually poison the surrounding ground and kill off everything else.  We set up today as the day to cut and hack and otherwise do manly work clearing out all of the buckthorn trees.  After many trees had been cut down, three huge piles made with all the debris and a couple of guys standing around admiring our efforts and feeling the satisfaction of a job well done, a neighbor comes over and asks why we’re cutting down the ‘cherry’ trees?  Huh?  Apparently – and (of course) unbeknown to us, cherry trees and buckthorn look a lot alike with regards to leaves and bark and it’s only when you cut away a chunk of the bark that one can tell if it’s buckthorn due to the orange color just under the bark.  I immediately felt sick at the thought of having cut down good trees.  I hope I didn’t look as embarrassed as my neighbor.  Still, we looked closer and cut away at some of the bark of the felled trees.  Arrrgggg!!!   I don’t even think the handyman’s secret weapon – duct tape – is going to be able to fix all the wrongly felled trees which constituted the majority of our labors.  Oh well.  Lesson learned – after the fact, of course.

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