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So, what’s going on with the Texas Board of Education?

April 18, 2010

Anyone outside of Texas heard about a controversy revolving around the Texas School Board’s decision to put conservatism, Christianity, and southern culture in a more positive light?  I’d like to believe that everyone can agree that history text books used in schools ought to accurately reflect the who, what, where, when and how given historical events occurred or otherwise came about.  Nevertheless, in reading this (article), I’m hard-pressed to know if the author is being serious or flippant.  However, I’m reasonably certain the author is making an attempt at humor.  Nevertheless, articulating rational objections and points of contention (to me) enhance one’s authority to speak to a given matter.  In this case, nothing is provided in the way of legitimate criticism toward the Texas Board of Education.  Rather, I can only surmise that Gene Weingarten of the Washington Post is someone who is more comfortable bashing conservatism in general and Christianity in particular and that he doesn’t really want to debate the merits of decisions made by the Texas Board of Education.

Do I hear an amen?  Oops!  Sorry – sort of.

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