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Retail Sales Plummet – Christmas Ruined?

December 26, 2008

Today the Wall Street Journal posted an article stating “Despite a flurry of last-minute shoppers lured by the deep discounts, total retail sales, excluding automobiles, fell over the year-earlier period by 5.5% in November and 8% in December through Christmas Eve.” I guess it’s not as bad if you exclude gasoline sales – a 2.5% drop in November and a 4% decline in December.

So now that Christmas is over and we scurried at the last minute to buy all those deep-discounted gifts that were given the past few days to be exchanged the next few days; and we have eaten so much incredible food that we have to break out the drill to make another hole in the belt, did we miss Christmas or what it is all about?  Did the days just go by too fast? That was a question posed by that wise, never aging, philosopher Charlie Brown only to be answered by a boy with a blanket.

In an age of such diversity, the meaning of Christmas can sometimes be buried.  Then again, 43 years ago it was almost buried.

When “A Charlie Brown Christmas” was first aired in December of 1965, the network executives didn’t want Linus to recite the birth of Christ from the Gospel of Luke.  Charles Schulz insisted in keeping the scene remarking that “If we don’t tell the true meaning of Christmas, who will?”

A very good question indeed.

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  1. Mom permalink
    December 31, 2008 11:59 am


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