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Government Sponsored NASCAR

November 12, 2008

At work I receive a daily e-newsletter telling me about all things with consumer electronics.  A while ago I came across an article in the newsletter about an organization called “Citizens Against Government Waste”.  They had just named the FCC “Porker of the Month” for October.  Here’s why:

Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) today named Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Kevin Martin its October Porker of the Month for using FCC funds to sponsor a NASCAR driver from his home state.

The FCC will pay $355,000 to sponsor David Gilliland’s number 38 car, owned by Yates Racing, for three races, in order to raise awareness about the upcoming switch to digital television (DTV) in February.  Even though the commission has inundated networks with paid announcements for months, Martin considered it necessary to use additional taxpayer dollars to pay for the car and driver to bear slogans such as “Is Your TV ready for Digital?”  The sponsorship has gotten off to a rocky start, as Gilliland’s car crashed into the wall on October 19 the first race with the new ad.

Bummer, $355,000 and the car crashes.  I guess I’ll never know if my TV is ready for digital.

I think I now understand why the U.S. Treasury is considering bailing out General Motors, Ford and Chrysler.  They don’t want to be shown up by the FCC.

I think I’ll go get my 1990 Olds Toronado ready for Treasury Secretary Paulson in case he needs more cars.

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  1. November 12, 2008 9:36 pm

    Honey this doesn’t surprise me at all. Nothing could surprise me anymore. This Country has gone to HELL. The next thing that you will be hearing or reading is that the FCC is getting bailed out by Our Government. Nice article though.

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