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Volunteering at the Republican National Convention – Day 4

September 10, 2008

Thursday, September 4th, 2008.  Gerine and I get to the Excel Energy Center and our respective posts by 4:00pm.  Gerine is guarding the convention and campaign headquarters and I’m by my elevator on the Club level.  Security Guard Wendy is there again for day 4.  We’re all ready to go for the last day, complete with sore legs and aching feet.  I am looking forward to spending all day Friday with my legs up on the couch relaxing.

Once again the convention starts off with Jazz musician Al Williams and his band.  Did I say they were awesome?  They are.

They convention is called to order and away we go.  Between 6:00pm and 9:00pm there are a lot of speakers and short videos.   Everyone is anxiously awaiting Senator John McCain’s acceptance speech.

Tonight is a busy night.  There are a lot more people here tonight than last night when Gov. Sara Palin spoke and that was a lot of people.  There are people standing packed in the aisles on the main floor.  From the Club level it looks like someone used a shoe-horn to get the people in the aisles.

Tonight I don’t have to help very many folks.  Most everyone knows where to go or where things are located by now.

It is approaching 9:00pm and out of the elevator comes Stanley Klos.  Stanley Klos had a display of early American documents at an event in Minneapolis called Civic Fest.  I had the privilege of attending his lecture at Civic Fest on the 14 Presidents prior to President George Washington.  So as soon as I saw him I threw my arms wide open and shouted “Stan!”  Body language suggests that Stan thought I might be a crazy guy, which I’m betting that Security Guard Wendy would agree.  I explained how I knew him which put him a little at ease and told him where to go – to his seat that is.

It’s just past 9:00pm.  Cindy McCain is speaking and just like the previous night there is no one in the halls.  This means I can sit down and watch the rest of the evening in the stands.  About 10 minutes into John McCain’s speech a protester starts shouting.  I was sitting several rows above her.  She only gets a few words spoken before the crowd goes wild shouting “U.S.A! U.S.A!”  She is quickly escorted out of the auditorium.  John McCain says; “My dear friends, please, don’t be diverted by the ground noise and the static.” She is one of 3 protesters that made it into the building and tried disrupting the proceedings.  Men with government issued suits and earpieces very quickly escorted all of them out.

After John McCain’s speech is finished the confetti starts flying.  I looked up to see that all of the confetti that was falling in the auditorium was released by hand.  There were people at the top of the ceiling throwing confetti out of a bag.  It sure was pretty.  When it got close to the theatrical lights, the confetti would start to rise back into the air.   Next the balloons came.  They seemed to fall like feathers when they were released.  It was an awesome sight to see.

When the convention was over, I made my way to the gift store and found my prize.

Yep! I bought a hat…

Tonight’s Celebrity Watch:

Todd sees:

  • Stanley L. Klos

Gerine sees:

  • Stephen Baldwin
  • Fred Barnes (Journalist)
  • Juan WIlliams (NPR News Analyst)

Gerine talks with:

  • Rudy Giuliani

Gerine physically runs into Karl Rowe.  “Watch where you’re going lady!”

Celebrity Stats through Thursday: Todd – 6, Gerine – 23.

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  1. jeph permalink*
    September 11, 2008 8:02 pm

    Wow! Todd, your posts have been fun to read. Thanks for sharing the behind the scenes perspective you and Gerine had to this historic event. I also think you hit on something that is quite unifying. In spite of partisanship and differences of opinion, members of all political parties and even the anarchists would probably all agree that as Americans we are united in one opinion, you sure bought a silly hat.

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