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Where’s My Wedding Ring and Car Keys?

August 11, 2008

About a month ago I took off my wedding ring on a Friday night and set it down somewhere – not my usual spot. I have no idea where it went. My wedding ring is playing hide and seek with me. I take my ring off every night because by morning it becomes a turnakit around my finger. It just makes sleeping a whole lot easier with it off. Every couple of months my car keys decide to test my memory and they disappear for up to several days. I think it’s a conspiracy contrived by small metal objects – rings, cell phones, car keys, and coins.

Maybe the reason the 4 guys know nothing is as we got older we moved away from knowing everything. If you can’t know stuff how can you remember?

So I decided to make a graph. A statistical graph of a normal distribution on knowledge. You can see conclusively by the graph that at age 18 you pretty much peak. You know everything, mom and dad know nothing. As you get to older, say age 50, you pretty much start to know nothing and your parents look pretty dog gone smart. It’s a fact – look at the graph.

My father, who at times suffers from the same condition as me, sent me a video of singer/songwriter Tom Rush. Tom can pretty much explain this phenomenon better than I so check out this video of his “Remember Song”.

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